There are a couple potential fixes - read below...

1) Make sure you are using with a secure https connection. TubeBuddy only works over a secure connection so if you see "" change your browser url so there is an "s" after "http"   --->  ""

2) If you are in Incognito Mode in Chrome, you need to explicit ally allow TubeBuddy to run in Incognito mode by going to chrome://extensions/ in your browser bar and selecting the option.

3) Sometimes in your extensions list it will say "Fix" next to TubeBuddy and you will need to click that. Go to chrome://extensions/ in your browser and scroll down to find TubeBuddy and see if you see a "Fix" notification. 

4) TubeBuddy features won't show up on screen unless you have authenticated your channel. You will either see a big ugly red bar across the top of or a red warning sign next to the TubeBuddy menu. Click on the TubeBuddy Menu, then the Profile tab then the Click To Connect button. Make sure you select the channel that you're logged into YouTube with when going through the Google Authorization Process. Once the process is complete, it should redirect you back to and you will see our features on the screen again.  Screenshot:

5) Some people have uninstalled and then re-installed and it magically starts working again. Try that. Especially if you are on Chrome. Go here: chrome://extensions/ then click the trash can icon next to TubeBuddy. Then go install again from:

6) There could be a chance that another browser extension that you have installed is conflicting with TubeBuddy. You can try disabling all other extensions, refreshing YouTube and see if TubeBuddy shows up. If so, start adding them back one at a time (and refreshing YouTube) until TubeBuddy doesn't show up and you can identify which plugin has the problem. Send us a link to the plugin and we will work to ensure the two programs play nicely. 

7) If you're still not up and running, please email us the following information: (support@tubebuddycom)

  • What browser you're on (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari) and Operating System (Windows / Mac)
  • Try a different browser. If you are on Chrome, try installing FireFox or Safari. If you're on Safari or FireFox, try Chrome.   Do other browsers work?
  • If you use Safari, tell us what anti-virus you have installed on your computer (Avast, ESET, Norton, etc)Tell us if you see an "Install" button when you go to homepage or if you see a message that says "you already have TubeBuddy installed"

8) lf your have PrivacyBadger install, you will need to uninstall it.