To completely remove TubeBuddy, you simply need to follow the instructions below based on what browser you have



Chrome:  Follow these instructions...

  1. In the URL - type in chrome://extensions/ and press enter.
  2. Uncheck the TubeBuddy enabled checkbox (see screenshot #1 below).
  3. Refresh and TubeBuddy should not show up.


* Please note - even after you uninstall, TubeBuddy will have access to your account through the YouTube API so you can follow the last set of instructions on this page to revoke access. Of course we don't do anything with your channel if you don't have TubeBuddy installed anymore but for the sake of transparency and security, we want to make you aware of this. 

To revoke TubeBuddy's access to your YouTube channel(s) follow the instructions below

1) Go to

2) Click Yes, Delete My Account

If you simply want to remove a Channel from your page, click the red X in the top right corner of the box. If you have a license tied to the channel, you will need to cancel your license first. NOTE - you can only remove it if it doesn't have an active license. If you are a paying customer, then please cancel your license first.