The short answer is, YES.

The long answer is...

We have been building products in the YouTube space for 10+ years now - since before YouTube was owned by Google. We know the in's and out's of YouTube and secure authentication through Google and take security extremely seriously. We have many high profile YouTubers, media companies and agencies using TubeBuddy and it is vital to ensure their protection. 

All transmission with is made over a secure HTTPS protocol and your private information remains private. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

We are used and loved by major companies such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Family Feud and The House of Blues. We are used by many YouTube Networks such as BentPixels, Talentsy and Yearh1 Networks. We have 300,000+ customers who use TubeBuddy every day. 

When you link your channel to TubeBuddy, it is done through Google's secure OAuth 2.0 mechanism which is the industry standard. At any point in time you can revoke TubeBuddy's access to your channel by visiting the following link: . When you link your channel with TubeBuddy, we ask for the bare minimum of permissions required to perform tasks on your channel.

Why does TubeBuddy need access to to websites and why does it say "TubeBuddy can delete my videos"?? We know - it sounds scary. But these are required in order for our product to work. For example, we need access to YouTube and Twitter and Facebook in order to show you how many times a video has been shared. We need access to YouTube in order to provide keyword research and background calls to save changes. Please note that we NEVER perform any action that you don't specifically request us to do. 

We do not collect or store credit card information on payments - all details are stored securely on our credit card processor's servers at

If you have any specific questions, please email us directly at