While many of our tools are geared towards larger channels, there are still a bunch that can help a YouTube newcomer. 

Drop down Menu

TubeBuddy's drop-down menu (next to the upload button) gives you quick links to your videos, comments, analytics, and more saving you time and little headaches throughout the day.

Keyword Explorer


If you want to get your videos found, they need to be properly tagged. Use Keyword Explorer to find keywords that have little competition - meaning it's easier to get your videos ranked. And don't go after common keywords like "Gaming" or even "Minecraft Gaming". If you're a small channel, pick a specific niche and try to break in focusing on that such as "Minecraft Gaming Kangaroo Map" - things specific to the videos that you make. 

Suggested Tags


Another way to discover the best Tags to drive the most views to your video is to use TubeBuddy's Suggested Tags feature. It will help get your videos ranked higher in YouTube search and to ensure your video shows up in a related section of other videos. 

Thumbnail Generator


It's extremely important to have clear, consistent thumbnails on your channel. It will help distinguish you from others and give a cohesive look to your channel. Use our Thumbnail Generator to build thumbnails for your videos that look similar and have bold words to tell people what the video is about. 


Best Practice Audit


New and smaller channels often struggle with how to best position their videos to be successful. By using our Best Practice Audit, you can ensure your video is set up correctly and using all the appropriate methods of incorporating good metadata.

Share Tracker


Get your video out there! Share Tracker helps you keep track of which social networks you have shared your video with. Make sure to hit them all to help ensure a successful new video launch.