TubeBuddy is built using a framework called "CrossRider" - you can read about it here: The problem is - some people have built "bad" plugins using CrossRider so Malwarebytes flags EVERY plugin as a "PUP" which stands for "Potentially Unwanted Program" info here


THE FIX (Premium Version)

Add Web Exclusions for CrossRider

Add IP address:


Add Domain:


ALTERNATE  FIX 1 (Free Version)

To fix the problem, you need to change your settings in Malwarebytes so PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are warnings and not automatically removed. Then make sure not to remove PUP.Optional.Crossrider (See below)

Here is how you set PUPs to be warnings. Click Settings -> Detection and Protection -> Change dropdown to "Warn user about detections"

Then when you run your SCAN, make sure you do no to remove PUP.Optional.Crossrider

Note: If you don't currently see TubeBuddy on,  re-install TubeBuddy after doing the fix above.


ALTERNATIVE FIX 2 (Free Version) 

Another option is - look at what folder the PUP.Options.Crossrider file is in on your SCAN results screen. In the screenshot above, it's something like C:\Users\Phil\AppData\Lo..hksdflkdsjlfkslddlf. 

Click Settings -> Malware Exclusions -> Add Folder and then select that folder above. That should leave the folder alone but will still remove other PUPs so potentially safer than the top listed fix. 

Note: You should re-install TubeBuddy from scratch, then perform the fix above.