This is what your Tag list should look like with TubeBuddy installed when editing a video - with a search image/magnifying glass inside each Tag box. 

If you don't see the search image/magnifying glass then it means VidIQ has removed it. 

Which hey, if they want to do that, fine. We won't fight it and try to remove their tool and replace it with ours. The problem is we feel like our Tag Explorer is far superior to their Keyword Inspector which means our users aren't getting the best possible experience on YouTube and optimization for their videos which we don't like. 


1) Do nothing. If you like their Keyword Inspector more than our Tag Explorer then there are no problems and you can ignore the warning. In addition, you can still click the "Explore" button below the tags and manually type in a tag to explorer it. 

2) If you aren't finding much use from VidIQ's plugin, you can uninstall it and that will fix the problem.

3) If you do enjoy VidIQ but want TubeBuddy's Tag Explorer on this page, you can just go to your extensions and disable VidIQ temporarily while you do tag research



In VidIQ's publicly accessible source code you can see where they remove TubeBuddy's "img" tag from each Tag your list of tags. If TubeBuddy is not installed, there are no "img" elements in the tag list so they are obviously targeting TubeBuddy.