The calculation of the best time to publish is based on the following:

Day of the Week

  • We use 12 weeks of YouTube Analytics data to calculate the day of the week
  • YouTube's analytic data can take a few days to update so we start the 12 week calculation 3 days prior to the calculation date.
  • We add the subscriber view data and the non-subscriber view data for each day of the week over the last 12 weeks.
  • The day of the week with the most subscriber/non-subscriber view combination is the Day of the Week we use

Time of Day

  • The Time of Day is based on on looking at comments on up to 25 channel videos.
  • We get up to 1,000 comments on each of the 25 videos
  • For each comment we log what time of day the comment occurred.
  • The Time of Day is based on the time of day with the most video comments.