If your Chrome profile has become corrupt and as a result TubeBuddy no longer works correctly, you can follow these steps to create a new Chrome profile and migrate over the settings from your old profile.


Creating a New Profile

1. Open Chrome.

2. Navigate to chrome://settings

3. Scroll to the Add Person section and click Add Person…

4. In the Add Person dialog, give your new person a Name and then click Add. A new Chrome window will open logged in to the new profile (you can tell by looking at the name in the upper right corner of the window). If you ever want to switch profiles, just right click on that name and choose from the list of profiles.

5. The new profile doesn’t share any information with the old profile. There won’t be any bookmarked pages, installed extensions, etc. So the next step is to go to https://www.tubebuddy.com and install the TubeBuddy extension (make sure you are using the Chrome window logged into your new profile).

6. Once the TubeBuddy extension is installed, go to https://www.youtube.com and see if TubeBuddy is working correctly again. Based on if TubeBuddy works, follow the steps in one of the two sections below.


If TubeBuddy Is NOT Working Correctly In The New Profile

1. Close the Chrome window that is for the new profile.

2. In the Chrome window under the old profile, navigate to chrome://settings.

3. Select the new profile in the Add Person section, and click the X to delete the profile.

4. Notify TubeBuddy support (support@tubebuddy.com) and let them know that creating a new profile did not resolve the problem. No need to continue following the rest of the steps in this document.


If TubeBuddy IS Working Correctly In The New Profile

1. If you are happy just starting fresh with a new Chrome profile, you can start using the new profile. If this is the case, you can stop following this document here. If you’d like to migrate settings (such as bookmarks, extensions, etc.) from your old profile to your new profile, then follow the steps below.

2. In the Chrome window for your old profile, navigate to chrome://settings.

3. In the Sign In section, click the Sign in to Chrome button (if you aren’t already signed in).

4. Choose a Google account to sign in to, and choose the settings you wish to sync.

5. Complete the sign in process and then wait a minute to let Chrome sync all of your settings.

6. Next on the chrome://settings page click the Disconnect Your Google Account button. You’ll need to do this whether you signed in for the first time or were already signed in on step 3. You must disconnect the Google account from your old profile before you can add it to your new one.

7. In the Chrome window for your new profile, navigate to chrome://settings.

8. Log into the same Google account that you used in step 3. Wait a minute or two, and all of your settings will be downloaded to your new profile.

9. Go to https://www.youtube.com in the Chrome window for your new profile and verify that TubeBuddy is working again. If it is, you can delete your old Chrome profile.

10. Contact TubeBuddy support (support@tubebuddy.com) to let them know the issue was resolved.