The following is for standard licenses. We can create custom licenses if you have special needs. 

How many Channels can I use my license with?

One. A standard license is tied to a single YouTube Channel.  

How many Users / Computers can I use my license on?
As many as you want. A license is tied to a YouTube channel. Anyone in the world on any computer can install TubeBuddy and as long as they are logged into YouTube with that YouTube channel, they get full access to your upgraded license.  

Are there discounts if I have more than 1 YouTube channel?
Yes. Use coupon code "RepeatBuddy" on an additional purchase to receive 50% for one additional channel.  If you have more than 5 channels to upgrade, contact us for a special license and let us know how many channels you have. We will create a single license that includes multiple channels and an even larger discount.

Do you offer a lifetime license?

We used to offer lifetime Pro, however, this has been discontinued in late 2020.