Feb 27th, 2017 -  4:00pm PST

NOTE:  To run the TubeBuddy plug in:

  1. You must be on the operating system OS X 10.11.5 or later
  2. You must be on Safari 10 or later.
If you are on previous versions of the operating system or Safari browser, you either need to upgrade or install and use our Chrome version.

Feb 22nd, 2017 -  3:00pm PST

I think we're basically good. The new version loads and almost all the tools are working as expected. There are a few little bugs we need to work out but overall, we're back in business!


Feb 17th, 2017 -  8:00am PST

Submitting new version today. Everything runs when we test it locally but after publishing to the store and downloading, it breaks. We believe it's a permissions related error so we're submitting a new version with some updates. 

Feb 15th, 2017 -  8:00am PST

Apparently the version that you download from the iTunes does not show up after installing. We made an update and just re-published to the App Store. Need to wait to get it approved now.

Feb 14th, 2017 -  8:00pm PST

I can't believe it but TubeBuddy was FINALLY approved. Please head here and give it shot: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tubebuddy-for-youtube/id1200948946?ls=1&mt=12

Keep in mind that we are releasing a native version on Safari for the first time. If you hit any bugs, please be patient and report them so we can work it out. TubeBuddy runs great on Chrome but we find FireFox + Safari hit some weird things from time to time.

Again, I wanted to personally apologize for this hassle and thank you all for sticking with us!!


Feb 14th, 2017 -  2:00pm PST

I know I have to be careful what I say about Apple (because you are all Safari users) but MAN, they are DIFFICULT to work with. With Chrome, we got into the Chrome store instantly, no problems. With Apple, it has been a nightmare. They came back with new issues and we fixed them and re-submitted again yesterday (Feb 13th) after our first submission on the Feb 13th was rejected. I suppose the good news is that they respond to us within a day or two generally which is faster than most companies. So hopefully we will have another update in a day or two. 

Feb 11th, 2017 -  8:00am PST

Officially submitted again. We are fairly confident it will go through this time!


Feb 9th, 2017 -  4:00am PST

3rd time's a charm? Our first two attempts at submitting to the Safari Gallery were rejected. The first time, they had 4 issues with it. The second time, just 1 issue. So we're hoping that this third time will get accepted.

If you work exclusively on Safari and are unable (or unwilling) to use Chrome or FireFox temporarily, we are offering full refunds of TubeBuddy monthly payments for the month that we haven't had Safari available. If this applies to you - email support@tubebuddy.com and include the License Id from your Order Upgrade email. Also, we track what browsers people use so if you use Chrome or FireFox, don't email us saying that you use Safari and want a refund - lying could get your account banned from our service. Happy to refund those on Safari who haven't been able to use TubeBuddy for a month though. 

Feb 3rd, 2017 -  7:30am PST

Submitted to Apple Store! The first time you submit a new Extension it takes them forever to respond but this is just an update of an existing App so hopefully quick!

Jan 23rd, 2017 -  11am PST

Thanks to those who emailed us and are currently testing. If you emailed us and we haven't asked you to test, hang tight - we might still need you. With software there tends to be this thing where you get something 95% built in 10% of the total time but that last 5% takes 90% of your time. We had the extension basically up and running after 3 days but there were little errors here and there and all these little tiny issues have taken 2+ weeks :(

Jan 18th, 2017 -  7pm PST

Testers wanted. If you are interested in testing a beta version of our new Safari extension, please email support@tubebuddy.com with the Subject line "Safari Testing". Thanks! -Phil

Jan 16th, 2017 -  1pm PST

Getting close! We have the whole thing up and running on Safari and are doing a full round of testing. Once that is done, it will be submitted to the Safari Gallery. We also hope to offer a way for people to install it directly while we wait for it to be accepted into the Gallery.

Jan 12th, 2017 -  7am PST

Good news! We're making progress. We actually made several attempts to build a native Safari version of TubeBuddy in the past but didn't get anywhere. This time, there's a little more pressure to get it done :) so we're throwing everything at it that we've got. I don't want to give any estimates but we have most pieces up and running in a test environment. Once it's built, we still need to look into if we can give it to you directly or have to submit to the Apple store for approval, etc. I'll try to post another update by the end of the day today. Thanks, Phil 

Jan 10th, 2017 -  5pm PST

The company that hosts our Safari version of TubeBuddy all of a sudden went out of business today. This means TubeBuddy will not run on Safari now.  

Your ONLY option (for now) is to install and run TubeBuddy on Chrome or FireFox

Nearly all your settings will transfer over seamlessly and it should just be temporary. 

We are actively working on a fix. It could be hours, days or weeks until we're able to get a Safari version up and running again. 

We realize how much our customers rely on TubeBuddy and understand how frustrating this must be. We hope that you'll be okay temporarily using Chrome/FireFox while we work this out...


Phil and the TubeBuddy Team