Who is eligible for upgraded access?

Any TubeBuddy customer with a paid license (Pro, Star or Legend). If you have a free license, free trial upgrades, Network license or are not paying for your license for one reason or another, you are not eligible, sorry! 

What are the benefits?

With your upgraded Audio Hero access, you will receive 20 free downloads every month. These downloads can be used on your YouTube videos only (nothing outside of YouTube). 

Where do I opt-in to my free upgrade?

Head to: https://www.tubebuddy.com/perk/audiohero

Where are the official Terms of the agreement?

Here: https://www.tubebuddy.com/Content/music/AudioHeroTubeBuddyEndUserLimitedLicenseAgreement.pdf

I submitted my details more than 4 business days ago but still haven't been upgraded. What now?

Please email support@audiohero.com with your details and they will help.

Can I still use the audio I have download even if I cancel my paid TubeBuddy or AudioHero license?

Yes, any music downloaded from AudioHero while you have access grants you a perpetual, life-long license to the audio. 

What should I do if YouTube flags my video with AudioHero music as a copyright issue?

Please contact AudioHero at support@audiohero.com with your name and channel user link. They will have the claim released right away.