Thank you for reaching out to TubeBuddy.  Please use these instructions to create/download invoices.  Be advised:  You must fill out all fields in the first step in order to populate the invoice.  Leaving any field blank will cause the process to fail.


  To create an invoice, head over to your profile at and fill in the Invoice Information box. An invoice will then be created automatically.

Downloading an Invoice

Log into your TubeBuddy account - Click on the Manage button next to Licenses for which you want to download an invoice. 

If the license is not displayed click on the Show Cancelled checkbox.

If you don't see any licenses or channels, then you might be logged into the incorrect TB account.

On the page that is displayed, click on the invoice you want to download. 

NOTE: If account invoices are not showing up, create a ticket along with your channel link and let us know there are no invoices.

Once the invoice is displayed, click on the Download invoice Pdf button.