If you see this message, it is likely that we are deploying updates to TubeBuddy and the message will go away shortly. You can check our Twitter account for status updates. https://twitter.com/tubebuddy

However, that is not always the case. 

If the message does not go away on it's own, then you are likely being blocked from accessing the TubeBuddy.com website by a firewall or something similar (such as anti-virus). This often happens from a work computer or company Internet connection that has restrictions in place. Please consult with your IT manager and request that access to TubeBuddy.com is not blocked. 

One way to test this is to try to access TubeBuddy from a public connection such as a library or Starbucks, etc. If it works, then you know it has to do with wi-fi location. Or - if you have a friend's computer that you can try on the same internet connection as yours, see if you can get TubeBuddy working on that computer which would tell you if something installed on your own computer is blocked accessing.  These tips will help you determine where the problem is originating. 

Another thing to try is a different browser. Does it fail on Chrome but not FireFox? FireFox but not Safari, etc?

Also, in some cases, if you un-install and re-install TubeBuddy that will fix the problem.