TubeBuddy has always been a leader in bringing tools for creators across multiple platforms. Since our inception in 2014, we have been able to support Chrome, Safari, FireFox and Opera browsers. Two years ago we added support on iPhones and Android devices.

Because we always want to be inclusive and support as many people as possible, it's sad to announce that as of June 1, 2019 we no longer officially support the Safari browser and don't have any immediate plans to bring it back (but never say never). 

There are multiple reasons why we felt like we needed to make this decision. 

  • The main reason is that there were technical limitations and challenges with the push towards YouTube's new Creator Studio Beta. All of these features reside on instead of This caused issues with Cross Origin Requests and Safari does not handle them well. In fact, we are not able to successfully add a single feature in Creator Studio Beta on Safari.

  • Resource drag. We're a small company and want to keep it that way. Every once in a while that means making a tough decision like this where instead of spending countless days, weeks and months unsuccessfully trying to get TubeBuddy working on Safari, we are going to put that effort into a better product for Chrome & FireFox. Which will lead to a better product overall. 

  • We want to provide one bad-ass product, not multiple half-assed products. Because of how Safari works, we were never able to get it up to the standards that we had for Chrome or FireFox. It always felt like it was just good enough to get out but had bugs and issues that Chrome/FireFox did not have. By removing it, we can focus and only releasing a single bad-ass product instead of something that could have been looked at as a half-assed product. 

What now? 

The current version of TubeBuddy on Safari still works for the most part However we won't be make any more updates to it. Which means it won't support Creator Studio Beta and at some point it's inevitable that it will completely break due to changes on YouTube's website. 

Many of our Safari users have Chrome installed on their Mac's just for TubeBuddy. You can do your regular web browsing on Safari and then switch to Chrome for channel management and optimization. 

We also have an iPhone version of TubeBuddy and plan to build an iPad specific version later this year. 

Again, we're sorry we had to make this decision but felt like it was a bit out of our hands at this point and hope that it leads to a better overall product and happier customers in the future. 

-Phil & Team