• Help you come up with amazing video topic ideas based on specific keywords or what's trending.


  • Save time w/ the ability to create and apply multiple upload default profiles. (YouTube itself only gives you 1)
  • Save time w/ the ability to apply Info Card and End Screen templates. No need to manually create cards or end screens anymore!
  • Create and publish your video's Thumbnail right from inside YouTube by grabbing a still frame from your video (or upload an image) + text/image overlays. 
  • Advanced scheduling. Schedule unlisted videos to go Public and automatically added to a playlist in the future. Schedule videos to go private or unlisted on a certain date. Schedule Title or Description updates in the future.
  • Best practice checks. With a click of a button, verify that your video has followed all of YouTube's best practices. 
  • Social integrations. Automatically publish a native copy of the video to Facebook. Post to Twitter w/ thumbnail attached.


  • Update, remove, insert text in Titles and Descriptions across some or all of your videos with just a couple of clicks.
  • Update, remove or add either Cards or End Screens across some or all of your videos with just a couple of clicks.
  • Add or remove an overlay across some of all of your video thumbnails with just a couple of clicks.
  • Check for monetization issues and submit for manual review across all videos with just a couple of clicks. 
  • Bulk update Playlists (sorting, editing, etc)


  • Run best practice checks to ensure your video is properly set up and optimized.
  • Quick nav toolbar allows quick navigation between videos and around YouTube.
  • All of the features listed above in the "Upload a Video" process.


  • Advanced filtering options - show comments that haven't been responded to, comments with questions, comments with profanity, etc.
  • Recent subscribers highlighted in comments so you can show some extra love.
  • Get your Patrons (from Patreon) highlight in comments so you can show some extra love.
  • View a comment word cloud to get a quick glance of what your audience is talking about.


  • Run A/B tests to discover the best Titles and Thumbnails for your audience based on CTR.
  • Set up Brand Alerts to get notified when people upload videos talking about you.
  • Run Competitor Analysis to see what the competition is up to and how you compare.
  • Set up Keywords to monitor and get weekly reports of where your videos (and your competitors) rank on YouTube and Google for those terms. 
  • Create a full backup of your channel's metadata (video titles, tags, descriptions, etc)
  • Export comments for internal usage.