When architecting TubeBuddy, we have taken several steps to ensure that we don't impact the load times of YouTube's website.

Ways we try to ensure to be as non-intrusive as possible:

  1.  All of TubeBuddy's source code and HTML are bundled into our browser extension. You will notice that the file size of our extension is very large compared to other extensions on the Chrome store because we'd rather have it take longer to install TubeBuddy the first time and then get instantaneous access to our code each time YouTube.com loads rather than having to pull it from our servers each time YouTube.com loads.

  2. The only call made to TubeBuddy's servers on each page load is to retrieve your account status and information. If this call is slow for any reason (our servers are down, etc) it won't impact the loading of YouTube.com as it's done asynchronously.

  3. We only initialize/load specific tools on specific pages when they are accessed. Rather than load "all" tools for every page, code is loaded "on-demand" - only when a specific feature is accessed.

  4. You can turn features on and off by going to your Channel Settings page TubeBuddy.com/Account