If someone gives you access to their YouTube channel and you see this type of box in the top right corner of YouTube Studio, it means that it is a "Personal" (not Brand) channel and will work a bit differently in TubeBuddy. 

NOTE: If your channel is a brand channel, you do not need to follow these steps!

In order to use this type of channel with our browser extension, the following steps will need to be done:

1. The OWNER of the channel must head to https://www.tubebuddy.com/account and click the green "Add Channel" button to link the channel within TubeBuddy.


2. The OWNER of the channel must then click the "Settings" icon to get to the channel settings. 

3. The OWNER of the channel must go to the Authorized Access Link section of the page and copy the URL displayed and send that link to their channel manager. 

4. After installing TubeBuddy, YOU must paste the URL given to you in your browser and press Enter.

You will now have access to TubeBuddy features on YouTube.com for the channel you are a manager of.