** This bug will be fixed on Monday, January 25th @ 4pm Pacific Time **

We were made aware of some people getting emails saying that the Variation of a test won and but then the user logged in to the status page on TubeBuddy.com, it would show the Original won (or visa versa). 

The website status screen is correct in these cases and the email is wrong. It might mean that you need to re-upload the actual winning thumbnail manually. We feel very bad about the hassle and offering refunds (see below).

It was only happening to some people and not all tests and we ultimately figured out that a bug was recently introduced and based on the timezone of the user and/or the time of day when the test was originally created, it was causing the daily calculations to be flip-flopped. 

This is an unexcusable issue and if it caused significant frustration on your end, please email phil.starkovich@tubebuddy.com who will issue you a refund for the month of January.