TubeBuddy doesn't only help you with your SEO and keyword research, it also helps you navigate the Creator Studio at a faster rate. 

Note: You can access to these quick-link features as a Starter (Free) user.

How can TubeBuddy make it faster?

Currently, in order to get to your Content tab or any other tabs on the Creator Studio, you'd have to go through three clicks. 

First is on your channel icon in the top right corner, then second on the YouTube Studio. You'll be taken to the Creator dashboard, but will need to click a third time to get to wherever you needed to be. 

Here's another scenario, you want to see your video's audience retention or check the video's impressions and CTR. 

In order to do this on the Creator Studio, you first select the video you want in your Content tab. Second, you'll need to click on the Analytics tab. After that, to see your CTR, you need to click on Reach.

With TubeBuddy, you'll have quick-link access to the Creator Studio and go to your Content, Playlist, Analytics, or even Comments within a couple clicks.

Where Can I Find These Quick-links?

The names on these quick-links are self-explanatory. Clicking on Playlists will take you to the Playlists tab on Creator Studio, Comments goes to the Comments tab. 

We do split Videos and Livestreams along with Analytics and Realtime Analytics. This makes it easier for users to go directly into what they want.

In this quick-links menu, you'll be able to head to the comments or analytics of the specific video with filters. 

With TubeBuddy, you'll be able to go to the comments with filters--such as comments you haven't replied to or comments that need follow up, etc--in a few clicks.

For the analytics, this will take you to certain tabs of your video's analytics such as earnings, watch time, traffic sources, and more. This is useful for when you want to deep dive into your analytics without having to go through multiple clicks.


Why spend the potential minutes having to go through each page of YouTube, when you can get there in seconds? Best of all, this feature is free to use!

To summarize...

Before TubeBuddy

After TubeBuddy

We hope to save you more time. Interested in learning about the TubeBuddy time saving tools? Check out this playlist down below.