We understand YouTube Analytics can be a hefty beast at first glance, but it provides you with the necessary information on your channel and videos. By studying your analytics, you'll have a better understanding of where your channel stands in the midst of others.

But what if you don't want to learn the analytics just yet and only want to look at the essential stats?

This is where TubeBuddy's Health Report comes in!

How to Access the Health Report

There are two ways to access the Health Report. First is through the TB extension on and the second is through the TubeBuddy Dashboard

1. TB Extension on 

On Youtube or the Creator Studio, click on the TB icon next to the upload button. With the drop down menu open, click on the Website Tools tab and then click on Health Report.

2. TubeBuddy Dashboard

Log into the TubeBuddy dashboard at and then click on Health Report under the channel you want (if you have multiple channels).

If you log in and don't see your channel, then you either haven't added it yet or you've logged into the incorrect email.

What Can Health Report Tell Me?

At the top of Health Report, you'll see your overall views, subscribers, and uploads.

Below these are the stats for the last 30 days of your channel. Please note that this data is powered by YouTube, but it is calculated by TubeBuddy and are not provided directly from the YouTube API. You'll see the disclaimer for this at the left side of the Health Report.

In the Performance analytics, you'll see your views, subscribers, and engagement percentage from the last 30 days along with your views from the last 30 days vs the 30 days prior.

This is useful to compare your channel from the previous month so you know how it's performing. If you hover your mouse over the chart, it will give you the specific view data for that day.

Sometimes, you might not even realize users are finding your videos through a term you've never used before. It also helps knowing if your video is being suggested on another of your video or somebody else's. Or that your video is being promoted on a certain website. Through the Traffic Sources box, you can find opportunities that you have yet to take for your channel.

Additionally, you can tell whether the term, related video, or website is going down or up in views via the green and red arrows.

The Engagement analytics shows the last 30 days of your general engagement, sharing, and the retention rate. 

With this, you can see how well you're doing in the last 30 days, whether you may be going down in percentages of dislikes or going up in percentages of likes and comments. In the Sharing tab, you can hover your mouse over the icon to see what type of share it is.

In the Retention tab, you can see whether the minutes watched, average view duration, and average percentage watched has increase or decrease in the last 30 days.

In the Audience analytics, you'll see four separate tabs for your demographics, device, region, and playback. Hovering your mouse over these information will provide you with the name or percentages of these stats.

In the Demographics tab, it shows the age and gender of your audience. Just like the other information, it also shows whether there's been an increase or decrease in the last thirty days. Maybe you haven't realized the increase in female audience or vice versa, and this can affect how they look at your video and thumbnails.

In the Device tab, you can see how many viewers are seeing your videos from their mobile phone, PC, TV, or on their tablet. It helps you understand your audience and how they're seeing your thumbnails (sometimes a thumbnail can look good on PC, but not on mobile). How they're viewing your video, etc. 

In the Region tab, it shows what country your viewers are from. Perhaps you didn't realize you have a following from India. Realizing the untapped potentials can help knowing who you're making videos for and whether you should translate your title and description for those countries.

Finally, in the Playback tab, you'll see from where your viewers are watching the video. It could be from the video watch page, or from an embedded player on a separate website. Or perhaps they're seeing it from your channel page like the channel trailer.

Note that YouTube don't always know exactly where they're watching the video from, so you may get some "Unknown" locations.


Looking at your analytics is an essential part of YouTube if you want to learn about your audience and how to grow your channel. TubeBuddy's Health Report take YouTube's analytics, simplifies it, and provide you with easy to understand stats.

It can even be a stepping stone to diving deeper into analytics like seeing the retention rate, impressions, and CTR for a specific video. 

Knowing the health of your channel and how it's faring is important. That's why we created where you can get an automated channel review. This is a paid service, but if you're already a paid user of TubeBuddy, you get 60% off.

Got any questions about Health Report? Feel free to create a ticket and ask us!