Hey there, TubeBuddies!

We've discovered a few bugs caused by YouTube renaming a couple elements. Fixes are out, but here is a list of these known bugs.

  1. The TB Mobile App doesn't show the subscriber count (instead, it says that the sub count is hidden, even if you have your sub count in public and not private). (Fixed on the latest version on 3/19/21 but if you're still facing issues, please send a ticket)

  2. Channelytics not showing. (Fixed on v1.45.1038)

  3. Uploads model (workaround: these tools work fine in Video Details) (Fixed on v1.45.1038) 
    1. Tag Tools not working.
    2. Thumbnail Creator button missing.

  4. Auto Translator menu button is missing from Title & descriptions model in Subtitles. (Fixed on v1.45.1038)

  5. Apply Card/Endscreen template buttons in Video Details -> Cards/Endscreens models aren't working (workaround: templates can be applied from TB Tools menu under left video thumbnail) (Fixed on v1.45.1038)