Got any billing questions about TubeBuddy? Check down below or through the table of content to find your answers!


How to Purchase a TubeBuddy License

NOTE: The pricing is now defaulted to yearly instead of monthly.

When purchasing a TubeBuddy license, you can do it through the pricing page or through your TB dashboard. When you click through the pricing page, you'll have to log into your TB account and select the channel you want to upgrade.

Pricing Page

On the TB dashboard, click on 'Upgrade' on the channel that doesn't have the license. If you don't see your channel in your dashboard, then you might not have added it to the dashboard yet, or you're logging into the incorrect email.

TB Dashboard

Once a license type has been selected, you'll be taken to the Order License page.

On the left side, you'll see the license you're planning on purchasing, the description, the channel (if any is selected), the billing cycle, coupon code, and the total price.

Before You Purchase

Before you make a purchase, make sure to double check your information! 

Does the license you're purchasing have the tools you wanted? Check the comparison list at the pricing page.

Are you purchasing the license on the correct channel? To make sure, you can always click on the channel name and it'll take you to the channel. Sometimes, you'll have a channel of similar name and icon, but doesn't have any videos.

Are you purchasing a monthly or yearly license? Remember that when buying a TB license, you opt-in to a recurring subscription. To opt-out of the recurring payments, you'll need to cancel your license, which you can do at any time.

Do you have a coupon code? If you've been given a coupon code, whether it's from a YouTuber, from an event, or from our TB newsletter, remember to apply your coupon code in order to get your discount!

Is the pricing correct? Remember that all prices are in USD, so if you're from outside the US, the pricing will be different when it converts to your currency.

What Can I Do If I Made a Mistake?

Did you purchase the wrong license? Or purchased it on the wrong channel? Or forgot to apply your discount code?

Please create a ticket along with your license ID and email that you used for TubeBuddy!

Click here to create a ticket.