Over the last five years, TubeBuddy has grown to be an important tool set for millions of creators on YouTube. However, with the rise of short form medias such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and now YouTube shorts, we feel like there was a content that was being overlooked.

Here at TubeBuddy, we want to help creators like you be successful on YouTube. Nowadays, watch time is a very important aspect and in our recent survey, you've told us that you wanted more watch time. 

What is a better way to gain more watch time? Simple! Longer videos!

Introducing #YouTubeLongs

It's like YouTube shorts... but longer! 

Want more watch time? Easy! Just make longer videos!

With TubeBuddy's revolutionary free tool, not only will it elongate your videos, but also your watch time. Did the viewers dropped off after ten seconds? No worries! With #YouTubeLongs, it'll take that ten seconds and stretch it into ten minutes!

Now, you might be asking, "How does this tool work?"

It's simple, upload a video like your normally would on YouTube and click on TubeBuddy's #YouTubeLongs Generator button. Using our state of the art AI technology, your short video is now processed to the optimal viewing length.

Click on it and just watch your video get longer as well your upload time! Because we all know that waiting for your video to be uploaded is the best part of being a creator!

Wow! How Can I Get This New Feature?

#YouTubeLongs is a free feature, so that means everyone can try it out! Click on the link below to lengthen your videos now!