Usually, when you purchase a TB license, it should automatically be attached to your channel. However, if you don't have access to the features of the license you purchased, then there are three reasons. 

1. You purchased the license on the incorrect channel.

2. Your license has been detached.

3. You bought a license without selecting a channel.

In the case of you purchasing a channel-less license, follow the instructions below.

How to Attach Your TubeBuddy License

1. Log into your TB dashboard at

2. In your dashboard, you'll see your Licenses box on the right side. If the license doesn't have a channel attached, it'll let you know.

3. Click on Manage for the license.

4. In the License Details page, you'll see the Licensed Channels box on the right along with the channels you can attach the license to. If you don't see the channel you want, then head back to your TB dashboard and add in that channel.

5. It'll give you a confirmation page. Click on OK if you're sure this is the channel you want it attached to.

6. Your license is now attached to the desired channel as you can see on the top right box.


What if I've Attached the License to the Wrong Channel?

If you've attached your license to the incorrect channel, you'll have to create a ticket to support about this.

Click here to create a ticket.

NOTE: If you delete your channel from the dashboard with the license still attached, it will cancel your license.