Thank you for reaching out to TubeBuddy!  One of the best features of our Legend Licenses is the ability to automatically translate your Titles, Descriptions and Captions into numerous languages.  Though it may seem daunting if you have never done so the process is actually very simple and only takes a few seconds per language.  

1. First go to your YouTube Studio Dashboard and from the left-hand menu select Subtitles
2. Next you will need to select Add A Language
3. Once you have added a language You will need to select ADD under Title and Description
4. Select Autotranslate from the TB Menu and TubeBuddy will automatically translate your titles and descriptions into this field.

If you would like to translate the captions then at this point you will select ADD under Subtitles, and on the following menu select Autotranslate.

It is important to note that YouTube captions are often erroneous, and we highly encourage you to look through these captions and correct them prior to translation.  On the offhand chance that YouTube mistakes something you said for a curse or something illicit it can have an impact on your performance in Search and Discovery as well as with YouTube's Monetization Guidelines.