There are two reasons you could have this question. The first is that you did not expect your tags to rank, and want to know how to improve your channel to the point that your tags will rank. The second is that you expected your tags to rank and wonder why the rank is not being displayed. Both will be covered below.

How Do I Improve My Channel So That My Tags To Rank?

Growing your channel takes time, so I'd keep at it. The TubeBuddy tools can help the process, but you also need to learn the proper things to do (in addition to using TubeBuddy).

So I'd recommend watching some channels of people who specialize in YouTube channel growth. Some examples of good people to follow on YouTube are Nick Nimmin, Dee Nimmin (for mobile), Daniel Batal, Derral Eves, Roberto Blake, and Brian G Johnson. They give you additional tips on not only how to use the TubeBuddy tools, but what to think about when trying to grow a channel.

If you follow their advice, use the tools, learn from your analytics on YouTube, and keep at it your channel will continue to improve. I'd also recommend you start talking about YouTube with other Creators. Various online forums are a good place to start, including our TubeBuddy Community.

Why Am I Not Seeing Any Tag Rankings On My Tags?

A tag rank will only show up for one of your tags, if when you do an incognito search on YouTube for the words of the tag your video shows up in the top 20 results. As a result, usually not many tags will have a ranking next to them.

One additional issue that makes this more difficult is that YouTube changes the search results for each person based on factors such as location, past search history, device screen size, etc. So a video that is ranking for a search you do on your computer, may not rank on your phone, or on a friend's computer.

On a related note, the browser extension version of TubeBuddy does not use an incognito search due to technical limitations. This means that when you look in the browser extension, far more of your tags will rank because your personal YouTube history is taken into account in the YouTube search.

Usually if you aren't seeing tag rankings next to your tag, what was described as above is the reason. If you still believe you should be seeing a tag rank for a specific keyword, please do the following:

1. Open a web browser in Private/Incognito mode.

2. Go to

3. Search for your tag.

If your video doesn't show up in the top 20 results, then tag ranks shouldn't be showing up on your app for that video/keyword. If it does show up, please send

1. A link to the video.

2. The tag that ranked

3. The number it ranked at.

Once we have that information I can look into it further.