The excitement is real when you're heading towards your next milestone, we get it!!

We sometimes get asked "I reached __ metric in YouTube analytics, why don't I have it reflected in my milestones yet?" 

There are a few things to note when it comes to metrics/milestones:

  1. Data for milestones in our app and in our browser extension typically update every two hours but... for some data it gets pulled from and external site (statfire) and not from the YouTube API.
  2. Video views and metrics can be delayed in their updates by up to 24-48 hours when being pulled from the statfire website.
  3. Video views will go down if a video is unlisted or private as we only get data for public video views.
  4. To see the data that is being reported for your channel to TubeBuddy you can also double check the statfire website → and enter your channel information in the search bar.